Rake Around: The union of the digital and the urban agriculture

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Founded in February 2016, Rake Around develops technological solutions to counter obstacles in the urban agriculture sector. Their objective is to democratize the agrifood system by increased participation of the micro and small urban fresh food producers while facilitating city dwellers’ access to their products. It is a splendid manner to combine the hyper-local and the digital to create a personalized online market of local fresh food and products, effective and user-friendly.

It is an ambitious project developed since 2015 by Dominique Bernier, sociologist, and Rake Around founder.Being a rallying person, he then convinced and recruited a team of highly qualified people to participate in the creation of the start-up. Pier-Luc Payer, web development expert specialized in e-commerce, Frédérique Carle, Technical Director, and software architect, Ian Tremblay, Digital Marketing and User Experience Specialist and Olesia Orlova, Marketing Officer, and Sales Manager thus joined his team.

This team, with complementary expertise, has already begun its international market development in two New-Zealand cities, Christchurch and Wellington. Throughout the winter of 2017-2018, this region users’ activity will allow them to test and improve, if needed, new platform functionalities. In the spring of 2018, Rake Around will focus on the Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto corridor as a market. The addition of other functionalities is to be expected in 2018 to increase possibilities for the people and their community in the urban agriculture sector.

After its victory at the Objectif Monde Tour pitch contest, Rake Around will compete against other laureates for the chance to win its spot in the 2018 Interactive SXSW Quebec Delegation. Best of luck!

Translated by Alexandra Charland-Froment

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